Purple In Your Home- 17 Fabulous Interior Design Ideas

Whether you like this color or not, you must admit it is irresistible and can be adapted to many tastes and styles. It is like created for those daring and full of life. It will give power to the space and magically will attract views. If you are a fan of a moderate variant, you can add a little more blue to get a gentle shade of lavender. This color will calm the space and empower it with a meditative spark, and those looking for deep mystic atmosphere, can use the darker purple nuances in order to fill the space into the depths of secrecy.

This color can be used in all areas, whether it’s about bathrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, the place where you are staying or sleeping. What you need is just a little imagination to combine it with all the other elements in the space. The combination of purple with white color is perfect, but it can also look beautiful and with a little black or gray. For those who do not fear of more colors, they can freely combine it with pastel shades of yellow or blue. For more brave and “wild” individuals, a combination of purple with wildlife prints, and especially zebra pattern, will look like amazing. Whether it’s a color of one wall, armchairs, carpet, kitchen elements, wardrobe, or just some details, absolutely it is all the same, purple color will give to your space a breath of fresh air and smell of life, so just engage yourself in such an adventure and wrap your space in the purple shades!


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