Pros And Cons Of The Living In The Attic Space

When choosing a residential area for rent or purchase, it’s good to get to know the opportunities offered by the market and get the best quality that suits your needs. When it comes to the attic, with its specificity, is imposed as a modern option for living. Modern or not, the attic has many positive sides, but also several aspects to pay attention, before making a decision for living there. In this post we will highlight the advantages, as well as the possible bad sides of the attic.

The pros of the attic

  • The attic has a lot of natural ligh

This is certainly one of the advantages to which we can not remain indifferent. Light has an impact on our health, development, mood, and at the same time, every properly illuminated space allows a better organization of the space.

  • Enjoying more privacy

People who have chosen the attic are having a greater privacy and tranquility that has this type of housing space. Since it is located at the highest point of the building, peace and tranquility are guaranteed.

  • The attic usually has a terrace

Some of them have large terraces, and you will agree that it is nice to have an open space for relaxing. There you can put chairs, a dining table and here to have parties with friends, or you can rest in the nature, no matter that you live in the center of the urban area.

Cons of the attic

  • The location of the attic

The biggest disadvantage, according to internet reviews from the owners, is closely related to its location at the very top of the building. At the same time, this is also advantage, as we mentioned it, but it is thought of the fact that in the summer the attics are warmer than the other premises, and in the winter are colder.Β This requires greater energy consumption – summer time with air conditioners, and winter with warming.


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Author: Ana Duovska


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