Modern Neoclassical Apartment by Art Simple Studio in Moscow, Russia

Project: Modern Neoclassical Apartment
Architects: Art Simple Studio
Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 1,291 sf
Photographs by: Sergey Ananiev

Modern Neoclassical Apartment by Art Simple Studio

This 120 mΒ² apartment, perfect for a young couple, is ideally situated next to Lake Moscow and just a quick walk from the beach. Such a location is rare, so the couple didn’t hesitate to acquire it when they had the opportunity.

They enlisted the expertise of Alisa Shabelnikova, a talented interior designer, to transform the apartment into a space that’s both light and breezy, as well as classy and modern.

“The place was initially a bit of a mess, with odd angles, a living room bisected by doors, and large ventilation boxes suspended from the ceiling,” Alisa recalled. “We unanimously decided it was time for a comprehensive makeover.”

Opting for an enfilade layout, they ensured each room flowed smoothly into the next. The journey begins in a spacious hallway, leading to a living room with a breathtaking view. “Creating a strong first impression was crucial, and I aimed to perfect it,” Alisa emphasized. The main living area comprises a large living room, a dining area, and a kitchen tucked away discreetly.

“A challenging aspect was addressing the bulky ventilation and plumbing in the kitchen,” Alisa noted. “We concealed these with panels, lowered the ceiling for uniformity, and organized the kitchen essentials in a custom niche, aligning some panels with the walnut finish of the cabinetry for cohesion.”

The apartment’s private section serves as a serene escape, featuring a primary bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and dressing room. Built-in wardrobes next to the window echo the wall’s hue, complementing an additional dressing space, a laundry room, and a versatile guest room.

“We chose a consistent warm white throughout for its calming effect, contrasting it with dark walnut accents,” Alisa explained. “The guest bathroom, however, features a distinct deep chocolate shade.”

With a cohesive color palette and coordinated finishes in the kitchen, living areas, and bathrooms, the apartment exudes an expanded and luminous ambiance.

Reflecting on the endeavor, Alisa shared, “The project was incredibly enjoyable. The couple was fully aligned with our vision from the outset, culminating in a result that precisely matched our collective imagination, down to the finest detail.”

-Project description and images provided by Art Simple Studio


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