Main Advantages Of Having Garden Apartment

The Garden apartment is neither a house nor a conventional apartment. Is better! It is the perfect combination of these two worlds. It brings numerous advantages, but also some disadvantages that need to be well evaluated to make the best choice. 

And to help you in this process, we have brought you tips and important information about what a Garden apartment is and whether or not it is a good option for you and your family. Follow:

What are the advantages of a Garden apartment?

Recreation Area

The possibility of having a complete leisure area within the private area of ​​the apartment is, without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of a Garden apartment.

The leisure area, depending on the external space, can have a barbecue, playground and even a swimming pool, providing fun for the whole family. 

More space to socialize

Most of the current apartments have a very small floor plan, with only a few square meters. This makes it increasingly difficult to hold a meeting at home and invite relatives and friends, all at once. 

However, the Garden apartment allows you to have meetings with more guests, without making the space cramped and uncomfortable.

Happy pet

Anyone who has a dog or cat knows how important it is for them to have outdoor spaces. They can play, run and enjoy a sunbath outside the Garden apartment. You will have a happier and healthier pet.

Vegetable garden and garden

Those who are a fan of gardening can find in the Garden apartment a great opportunity to plant different species, being able to even cultivate a vegetable garden and small fruit species. 

In addition to making the space more beautiful, the vegetable garden and garden are still synonymous with a healthy life and less stress. 

Well-being and quality of life

Did you know that the Garden apartment also offers residents a better quality of life and well-being? 

This is because this private outdoor area is almost always surrounded by nature, which provides a lighter and more relaxing life, not to mention that even the air quality around the residence improves. You can even take advantage of the Garden apartment area to exercise outdoors, play with the children and have fun with your pet. 

Take advantage of these moments also to take a little vitamin D when exposing yourself to the sun. This contact with nature and the external environment is essential to ensure good levels of vitamin D in the body and, consequently, keep the body’s immunity high.

Privacy in the outdoor area

Living in an ordinary apartment is saying goodbye to outdoor privacy. This is because the external areas are for collective use by all condominium members. 

But in the apartment with Garden, it’s different. You can count on an outdoor area just for you, ensuring greater tranquillity and relaxation, whether to read a book, rest in a hammock or take a dip in the pool.

Property valuation

It is estimated that currently, a Garden apartment can value between 15% and 20% more than an apartment on the top floor of the same building. 

Depending on the improvements in the property, this appreciation can be even greater. Not to mention that the real estate market trend for this type of property grows more and more, making the market price always on the rise. 


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