Luxurious Apartment in Paris Filled with Fine Arts and Furniture Classics

Every angle in this apartment is worth the shot if we take in consideration the classic furnishing and the fine art that pops. Charlotte Macaux Perelmanthe interior designer of the place says that normally likes to respect the history of the spaces she transforms. Everything has a soul and something to preserve, and that’s why she likes to take inspiration from what she finds.

But, as we all know there is an exception to every rule so she was interested in this apartment, which directly overlooks Paris’s Parc Monceau. The fact that nothing was to salvage and was so contorted that she certain everything had to be demolished. The main reason for the renovation was the former owner’s redecoration of the rooms at different times, each in tastes and fashions of that period.

The first glance of the old home was in the brown color painting and pretty much covered in dirt. The designer decided to celebrate it and modify her original plan for a number of smaller reception rooms. Tailored to the ceiling’s dimensions she created a large open living space, and the sitting area was separated from the graphic sculptural kitchen.

Macaux Perelman is the queen of details which make all the differences, even if we think of them often as imperceptible. Owning that everything she does has a sense of perfection, the only thing that lasts is to take a tour around the home she transformed. Enjoy the French aesthetics and the beauty of the space. Oh là là !


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