The most popular 2019 Furniture Trends

Have you been thinking for a home refresh asap? From soulful antiques to modern luxe headboards you will enjoy this furniture post for sure.

Every design enthusiast knows that furniture can make or break a space, so when it comes to homes we should be prepared. Why does it mean so much for our space? First, because choosing the right pieces, either custom-made or bought on the stores, they can elevate your entire home aesthetic. Here we are to offer some guidance while you are going through the trendiest pieces of furniture for 2019. What you can expect is handmade pieces, blush-colored upholstery, and we have some furniture pieces that are the huge trend! So, keep your eyes on them, let your radar work on time!

The most popular is the category of the oxidized oak, that provides comfort and grounding you all need at home. Then we have the luxe headboards in the color that is the most IN this season, so don’t forget to go bold and maybe use some multifunctional furniture. The handcrafted authenticity will be true power hold into your home, same us the blush tones which are going to be inevitable throughout this year.

Get prepared for the cozy beds, the geometric patterns, natural materials, and give chance to the curvy designs. Something truly inspiring out of these trends we recognized in the innovative uses of the metal, the handmade-customed pieces, the natural stone with modern lines touched by the big impact of the small details.

As mentioned before in our other posts, the Art Deco is here to stay. His influence will be more prominent this year inspiring both furniture silhouettes and textile design. And last but not least we saved the antiques which add an exciting nod to the design future. And that’s because most people want their rooms to have a soul and personality, telling a story. Feels good to say that antiques are having a major comeback this time.

Oxidized Oak

Luxe Headboards

Go Bold

Multifunctional Furniture

Handcrafted Authenticity

Blush Tones

Cozy Beds

Geometric Patterns

Natural Materials

Curvy Designs

Innovative Uses of Metal

Handmade, Custom Pieces

Small Details

Natural Stone With Modern Lines


Art Deco



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