Guide for Decorating Trendy Art Deco Bathroom Design

If you want to create a sophisticated and glamorous Art Deco bathroom you need to pay attention to the tiles and bathroom equipment. Pay attention to the colors, shapes and design of the bathtubs, sinks, toilets, bidets, showers … Always look for characteristic faucet with handles in the Art Deco style.

From the colors, you should focus on black and white, cream, brass and gold. The most important thing when creating a bathroom in a vintage style is that when someone comes to your bathroom that need to gives a feeling of being back in the 1920’s. This game is old new with replenishment. Where old does not exclude new and vice versa. Art deco bathrooms can be made in every apartment. They are modern but with historical background. In addition to marble and high quality glossy tile, Art Deco is characterized by the use of glass and brass. Brass is used in taps, showers, shelves, etc. while the glass is represented in the form of doors on the showers, surface tables or shelves. If you need a dose of inspiration, we are here to help you!


Image via Matthew Harrer Photography


Image via D&M Images


Image via Mathew Millman Photography


Image via Michael J Lee


Image via KuDa Photography


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