Inspirations to include the arch shape in your interior design

As a direct result of the trend towards softer shapes in interiors, but also a growing interest in architectural forms, the arch is back in action in our everyday decorations. Renovations of private apartments as new scene locations do not seem to want to evade their seductive, history-steeped curves. This very trendy shape, which dates back to ancient Rome, where it was then the sign of the highest aesthetic refinement, today takes on multiple facets in our contemporary interiors.

The arch in interior design, an arch trending asset

Its highly desirable curved structure, capable of spanning a space while supporting a significant weight, allows the spaces of the home that houses it to abandon their linear character. Just like a wall base or ceiling moulding, the arch knows how to guarantee originality and classicism in terms of interior design. Whether between two rooms or integrated directly into the wall, its presence immediately evokes pompous decorations and immediately gives the room a unique character. Arched door, arched window, arched hallway, and arched alcove bring to life with unparalleled grace a living space hitherto lacking in uniqueness.

How to decorate an interior arch?

The decorative arch can initially be considered difficult to integrate into the decor. Just like with a classic niche, a plinth or a wall niche, it can feel awkward trying to make the room harmonious. However, once stained, furnished or simply decorated, it becomes a very, very inspiring piece of decor.

Previously praised for its splendour, today it emancipates itself to become decorative and practical at the same time. In its niche form, for example, it offers additional storage space. It can also be used as a headboard in a bedroom. If it invites itself in the form of a door or any opening, it can be highlighted with a coloured coat of paint. It can be turned into an eye-catcher to emphasize a decorative detail. Finally, even the arch motif picked up on a canopy or piece of furniture can be enough to create a feeling of softness. In short, whatever its shape, its seal of approval always remains the same: obvious.

The proof with our most beautiful inspirations to adopt the arch shape in your interior decoration…










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Author: Renata Kralevska

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