Inspirational and Unique Ideas of Colonial Style Decor

The colonial style is synonymous with warmth and sophistication in the environment. This is characterized by the rustic appearance of wooden furniture made available in a very simple way. Nowadays, the style is chosen in different environments of the house or even in the architecture itself.

In the rooms, the colonial style has a historic touch, since it refers to antiquity through objects, materials, furniture, etc. That way, Victorian furniture with a well-detailed leather and woody design is the right choice! Among the palette of colors that combine perfectly, opt for soft tones such as green, blue, and earthy tones. The result is harmonic and incredibly beautiful!

Colonial Style Tendency

So that the colonial style is clearly visible, use large windows, especially in the social areas. In the bedroom, for example, opt for a vintage chandelier, framed mirrors, plush armchairs, and decorative objects with a classic style to add a more charming touch. For wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen, bet on ceramic pieces and dishes and tiled floors. And if you want to be even more daring, insert a bathtub to give that more noble touch.

If you are thinking of remembering your home, check out our special gallery below for 60 incredible suggestions for decorating in the colonial style, and look here for the inspiration you need to take the first step in your new environment:






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