What Is It About Nude Color That Makes The Space Fabulous?

It’s not just in a fashion that the nude color is successful. The universe of decoration is also inspired by this palette of warm and relaxing tones.

But before investing in the nude proposal for your home, check out this post to better understand what nude color is and how to use it in decoration.

Nude: what color is this?

The word nude refers to nude. That is that human skin tone without interference from clothing or makeup. Until recently, this color was known as “skin tone”. However, as you know, we live in a plural world, so the idea that the nude color only represents the light skin tone, between beige and pink, is already more than outdated. The meaning of the nude color is broad. It goes from light beige to dark brown passing through shades such as rose and light brown, for example.

The nude tones can still be altered by the tone of the backgrounds, just as it happens with human skin. In cool nude tones, for example, gray backgrounds are common, while warm nude tones bring an orange background. Therefore, it is not possible to categorically state that the nude color is “this” or “that”. The tones vary according to each person’s perception. But, in the end, one thing is certain. Nude tones are very close to the earth tones palette.

Nude decoration

The nude decoration is very democratic, able to please everyone. This is thanks to its ability to transmit warmth, comfort, and warmth. And who doesn’t like that, right? However, despite being very receptive and welcoming, nude colors can easily fall into monotony if they are not well balanced in the environment. Just take a look at the tips below and see how to get the nude decor right.

Mix tones

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a world inhabited only by white or brown people? Boring! All the same. The grace of the world is diversity. And the decor could not be different. Therefore, the tip here is to choose at least three nude tones to integrate the palette. It can be a lighter, a medium, and a darker one, for example.

Of these, choose one to be the base and the others to compose the details. Suppose, for example, that you choose a nude rose for the walls. In this case, a good tip is to bring a medium nude tone, such as brown, to the furniture, for example. The dark nude tone, like the one reminiscent of coffee, can be used on pillows, along with another lighter tone such as beige, for example.

The important thing is that you understand that you can’t make a nude decoration all beige. It’s monotonous and very dull.

A little shine

Also, take the opportunity to bring a little sparkle to the decor. Here, you can choose shades such as rosé gold, copper, and gold. All these shades look beautiful on the nude palette and help to enhance the decorative proposal. Not to mention that this touch of brightness helps to make the environment more sophisticated and refined.

Bet on textures

Textures are important in any decor but are even more special in nude decor. That’s because these colors are practically inviting to touch. So don’t be afraid to invest in nude-tone objects that bring that visual and sensory warmth.

You can bring, for example, pieces in knitting, velvet, suede, suede, lace, among others.

Natural elements

Nude tones blend beautifully with natural elements. Wood, plants, natural fibers such as linen and cotton, as well as straw, wicker, and ceramic are very welcome in nude decor. Most of these objects are nude, while others, such as ceramics, can help bring different colored spots to the environment.

Natural elements are also a way to provide more textures for the decor.

Beyond the nude

When you think of nude decor, it’s also important to know that it doesn’t just have to be nude. You can play with other color possibilities, as long as it is balanced and harmonized. A good tip for those who want to go a little further is to insert shades of blue and green, especially the more closed ones. These two colors help bring sophistication to the decor. But if you intend to make the environment even warmer and cozier, prefer to mix nude tones with colors like apricot orange, mustard yellow and guava rose.

Gray is also a good color choice for nude decor, especially when the nude shades chosen have gray backgrounds. The result is modern and elegant.

Check out these beautiful nude decor ideas below and fall in love with this trend even more:











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