Infallible Tricks to not Throw Your Old Towels and Take Advantage of Them

There are many things you can do to give a second life to that old towel that you loved so much that it no longer serves its original purpose. We propose different ideas for to use of these textiles. Some will look familiar and others… and they will surprise you!

Your towels aren’t as soft as they used to be and you don’t know what to do with them. You should know that no matter how often you take care of them and how many times you wash them, these textiles will sooner or later lose their softness and, like everything else, will also be subject to wear and tear.

Does the fact that your towels are old mean that we should throw them away because they are not performing their original function? There are several reasons why it is worth giving your old towels a new life. If you want to find out how to recycle them and use them for other purposes, read on! You will find the most effective ideas to use your textiles and you will discover what you can do with them. Look!


One of the most common and easiest tricks to breathe new life into your old towels is to cut them into small squares to turn them into household cleaning rags. Another option is to use them to cleanse your face but always press gently and in a circular motion so as not to damage the skin.


Alternatively, if in your case the towels are too damaged, you can cut them into small pieces and use them as padding for pillows, cushions, pouffes… or even in pet beds to get the most out of it.


A perfect solution for your old towel when thick enough to make oven mitts. We recommend using your oven mitts as a reference to see how to sew all the pieces together. A great idea to recycle these textiles!


If you’re thinking of buying a new cover for your ironing board, don’t rush! Use a towel you have at home (shower type) that you no longer use to create a great cover for the ironing board.


All the use you can get from your old towel is not only for you, but you can also use it to create accessories for your pets. If you put together two old towels of similar dimensions, fill in their interior and sew their outline, you can get a bed for your dog or cat. The filling can be any other material or another old towel that you cut into small strips.


Following what we commented before, you can also use the old towels that you no longer use to surprise your pet. As? Create a pet chew toy from a towel cut into three strips and braided securely. Not only is it an inexpensive and very original alternative when it comes to playing with our pet, but you will also make him wag his tail with joy!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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