Indulge in Our Tips on How to Use Pastel Green in Home Decor

Pastel green is a soft and delicate color capable of filling environments with tranquility, warmth, and freshness. 

And, for some time now, pastel green has gained prominence in contemporary decorations that want to escape the classic neutral tones. Therefore, today’s post is dedicated to this color that, slowly, has conquered many hearts. 

Pastel Green – A soft color, but with a presence

Before discovering more about the pastel green color, it is interesting to understand what pastel tones are, after all. Pastels are light, muted colors created by adding a large amount of white to a pure color. This mixture results in paler tones with low saturation, which makes them smooth and delicate to the eyes.

Pastel tones are known for their ability to bring tranquility, lightness, and serenity to environments. And, although they are often associated with delicacy, romanticism, and innocence, pastel tones can also be used to create modern and dynamic decorations when combined with bright colors.

How to use pastel green in decoration

How about now for some tips on how to use pastel green in decoration? Write it down:

  • Accent wall: A simple and very cool way to insert pastel green into the décor and choose a wall in the room to receive the color, so it easily becomes the focal point of the decoration. The muted color manages to add visual interest without being overpowering. Combine with furniture and accessories in neutral tones to balance the composition or risk furniture in intense colors to create contrast and guarantee an original effect.
  • Furniture and upholstery: Choose furniture or upholstery in pastel green to ensure delicacy in the environment. You can use armchairs, chairs, or sofas in this shade to achieve freshness.
  • Decorative accessories: Those who don’t want to be too bold can include small decorative accessories in pastel green, such as cushions, curtains, rugs, vases, picture frames, shelves, niches, cabinet handles, or lamps. These little touches of color will already make a difference, making any environment more cozy.
  • Combination with plants: Pastel green complements perfectly with the natural green of plants. So, don’t think twice and add plants in vases or arrangements to form a tone-on-tone combination in the decor.

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Author: Renata Kralevska

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