Ideas for This Year’s Halloween Decor at Home

The spookiest and funniest date of the year is upon us and with it all the ornaments and decorations that cannot be missed.

Halloween decorations set the tone of the party and get everyone in the mood.

But do you know what these ornaments are? We’ll tell you all about it below and even teach you how to make spooky Halloween decorations (in a good way!).

Halloween: what party is this?

Popularly known as the Halloween Party, Halloween is celebrated on December 31st every year. And while it’s closely related to North American culture, Halloween isn’t from Uncle Sam’s land. The origin of the festival is much more distant, dating back to the ancient Celts who inhabited the region of Ireland.

Many centuries ago, the Celts celebrated a festival called Samhai, which marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter.

The Celts believed that at this time the spirits of the dead were allowed to return to the land and be reunited with their family. During the festival, the Celts lit bonfires and wore masks to ward off evil spirits, while lanterns helped light the way for good souls.

As the centuries passed and the expansion of the Catholic Church, dates considered pagan began to be adopted by the Church in an attempt to “Christianise” people. And samhai was no different. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III. All Saints Day, the same day the Celts celebrated Samhai.

Even though October 31st was considered All Hallows’ Eve, that is, the eve of All Saints’ Day, which later contracted into the form we know today and became known as Halloween.

Inspired by he story, do you want some Halloween decoration ideas? So take a look at this selection of images and get inspired:











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