How To Use The Geometric Print In Decorations

Make way for the darlings of the moment: the geometric prints!  Despite not being a novelty in decoration, the prints of dots, chevrons, triangles, and trapezoids have gained even more prominence for some time now. This is thanks to the popularity of modern styles such as Scandinavian, Boho, Industrial, and Minimalism.

And if you’ve also surrendered to these forms, follow the post with us. We brought you many tips and inspirations to liven up your day.

How to use geometric print in decor

For any style

Despite being the face of modern style, geometric prints can (and should) circulate freely in other decorative styles. In the classic style, for example, the geometric prints ensure a contemporary touch to the decor.

The rustic style, in turn, can take advantage of the symmetry of geometric shapes to create contrast in the decor.

Start with the geometric print

Before starting to use geometric prints, it is important to pay attention to the decoration planning. Geometric prints are almost always the highlight of any environment and end up being the guiding line of the entire project. Therefore, the tip is to start the decoration by defining how the geometric prints will be used, as well as the patterns and colors.

Imagine, for example, that you intend to use a geometric rug. In this case, start decorating with it and only then insert the other elements, such as curtains, wallpaper, pillows, among other elements.

On the walls

Geometric prints can change the face of an environment from a painting or wallpaper.  In both cases, the most important thing is to balance the use of print colors with the rest of the decoration.

In rugs and curtains

Rugs and curtains are another very interesting way to bring geometric prints to the decor. In the case of rugs, the print is completely in evidence and usually occupies a large area of ​​the room.

The curtains, on the other hand, by remaining with the fabric closed most of the time, end up not causing the same visual effect, although it is still striking.

Details welcome

Cushion covers, lampshades, and potted plants are just some of the places where geometric prints can be present. This is a good choice for those who don’t want to go all out in patterning, but still want to stay in fashion.

Bed and bath linen

Bedrooms, bathrooms, and toilets can abuse geometric prints from the use of bed and bath linen.  Today, there is no shortage of options for sheets, bed covers, towels, and rugs in geometric prints.

Posters and Frames

Posters and frames with geometric prints are a strong trend. Those who follow social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram must have already noticed this.

You can choose to combine two or even three frames with the theme and choose a prominent place to hang them. In the living room, a good tip is to use the wall behind the sofa. In bedrooms, the headboard is always the best option.

Ceramic coatings

Want a more radical change? So the tip is to bet on ceramic tiles with prints and/or geometric shapes.  It is currently possible to find a wide variety of models, ranging from classic triangular cladding to hexagonal pieces.


Have you thought about changing the look of your furniture? With the geometric print sticker, this is possible. You can apply the adhesive to cabinet doors in any environment, in addition to lining countertop surfaces or the front of drawers.

A simple, cheap, and uncomplicated way to bet on geometric prints.


Integrated environments, but that need some kind of visual demarcation, can receive dividers with geometric designs. And the best way to do this is to bet on the famous cobogós. This type of hollow brick is a great representative of geometric figures.











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