How to Upgrade Your Room With the Herringbone Pattern Floors

When that thought of starting a renovation at your home pops, know that is time! If you are interested in renovating the flooring in your home just start by considering budget and color. Herringbone pattern floors can create such a timeless look and will fit into almost any home decor. Before making any decisions bring home a variety of samples to test out based on what you are looking for.

When you select a color and type of wood flooring in your price range scaling is the last factor before installing herringbone pattern floors. Follow our guidelines and you’ll be on your way to having the flooring of your dreams in your home.

Look at this beautiful medium-brown herringbone pattern floor how perfectly contrasts with the all-white cabinets, counters and ceilings. This way it has been added the traditional component that this modern kitchen lacks and gives the space a new dynamic that strays from the all-white look.

If you want to reach this cohesive look just allow patterned floors to sprawl from one room to the next. In the given photo the herringbone floors smoothly transition from the kitchen to the sitting room. And yes, also through the hallway. So, it’s for the best to choose one or to rooms for herringbone pattern floors and not to put them everywhere in your home.

What do you say about this deep-brown herringbone pattern floor? Well, let us tell you what we love about this pattern – the different shades of wood from the floor to the chairs to the table together adding contrast in a cohesive way.

See here there is a rug on top of the herringbone patterned floor, but that doesn’t mean that you are somehow covering the flooring. Contrary, here the rug enhances the space with its brightness, so this light wooden floor peeks out around the orange patterned rug.

Here there is a mix of multiple wooden elements that are in the same place. Don’t be afraid to mix, because this slick and light herringbone pattern floor works very nicely with the deeper brown found in the modern dresser.

Scroll down for more inspirational looks of how to put in work the herringbone pattern floor at your home.

Fantastic Frank


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