How To Perfectly Decorate Your Industrial Loft

In 1960s New York, an industrial loft was synonymous with an artist’s house with no money to pay rent. Nowadays, on the contrary, this new way of living has become popular, gained status, and became cool.

Stay here with us to find out more about the industrial loft.

What are the characteristics of a loft?

The loft is a type of contemporary house that follows most of the concepts of modern architecture.  At first, the lofts were aesthetically industrial, after all, they were born out of old abandoned warehouses.

However, over time, lofts gained other styles. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find environments of this type with other decorative styles, including even the classic one.  But regardless of style, a loft is always spacious, open, and fully integrated. This type of house has no walls and all environments are connected.

Large windows and doors are other defining features of this type of place. In some types of loft, it is also common to find a small mezzanine, where the bed is usually placed.

Concerning an originally industrial loft, it is possible to highlight some other features such as:

  • exposed brick walls;
  • Areas with unfinished appearance;
  • Pipes and installations insight;
  • The predominance of neutral and sober tones;
  • Use of raw materials, especially wood and iron;
  • Large fixtures;
  • High or double ceiling height;
  • Vintage objects;

Industrial loft decoration

Ready to get your hands dirty and create the decor for an industrial loft? So write down the next tips:

Color palette

An industrial-style loft is decorated with neutral tones, especially colors like white, black, gray, and brown. Some green accents are also welcome.  These colors end up being obtained through the very materials used in the decoration.

It is worth remembering that when the lofts emerged, their residents did not have the resources to create a new decor, so what they did was reuse what was already in the space. Therefore, base your color palette on the materials that will be in your decoration. But here’s one more tip: for a minimalist-style industrial loft, explore shades of white and black. As for a loft with a brutalist aesthetic, the gray and brown palette is accurate.

Most used materials

Wood, iron, stainless steel, leather, concrete, and bricks are the basis of an industrial-style loft decor. And here, the more rustic and crude the materials, the better.  Wood, for example, can be used from the floor to the furniture. However, it is necessary to be careful with the excess, since the wood, especially the darker ones, can make the environment visually heavy.

Iron, in turn, is the perfect raw material for furniture, piping, lighting, doors, and windows. Stainless steel follows the same line of application as iron, but in industrial decoration prefers those with a brushed finish. Bricks are ideal for lining walls. You can choose to either create a new cladding or peel back the wall and reveal the original bricks, if applicable.

Another striking element of an industrial loft is exposed concrete. It can come in beams, columns, and decorative details. It is also worth betting on a burnt cement wall or floor, as well as countertops made with the material. Finally, wear leather. Synthetic is more sustainable, ecological, and has the same texture and appearance as the original leather. The material can be used in different colors, depending on the aesthetic you intend to create, to cover sofas, armchairs, and chairs, in addition to being used as details in decorative objects.

Matte finishes

Always opt for matte finish materials, with no gloss or satin appearance. This goes for wood, iron, and even stainless steel. The wood, for example, instead of receiving a layer of gloss varnish can be protected with resin or matte varnish.  For painting iron doors and windows, also prefer matte finish paints.

The same goes for ceramic floor and wall coating.


Plants bring a touch of life and color to the industrial loft. This type of house, privileged by natural light, can become the habitat of ornamental species, such as Ficus Lirata, Palmeira Leque, Zamioculca, among others. A good tip is to bet on plants with intense green leaves that add even more personality to the environment.

Old objects

From now on, antique fairs and your grandparents’ house will be your decorating mall.  Pick up antiques from these locations to bring style to the industrial loft. A little of everything is worth: furniture, lamps, and occasional decorative objects.

Check out the following industrial loft inspirations to fall in love with:












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