How To Mix Colors And Materials Without Overdoing It

Sometimes the craving for intense color or a bold pattern takes over and literally becomes an obsession. But it is with great apprehension that we dare to take the plunge, for fear of getting bored or making a mistake.

An interior that is both daring and elegant

In this spacious apartment, we can see that traditional materials have pride of place. The original terracotta floor has been preserved; in the living room, they are visually less present thanks to a large-format carpet and the various light-colored seats. Thus, the room appears even brighter, and the terracotta tiles almost disappear to make way for softer shades. The glazed arch in light wood also reinforces this impression.
On the dining room side, it is a huge custom-made bookcase painted in a deep blue that creates the illusion.

In the kitchen, we like the mixture of extremely elegant materials: the light wood fronts blend perfectly with the dark worktop.

Finally, in the bedroom, we can only crack in front of this wallpaper with plant inspirations, the Vertigo pendant light, the intense blue of the storage, and the bathroom with a totally white look.

Our advice for mixing colors and materials:

First of all: have fun! If this emerald green makes you dream, or if this patterned wallpaper haunts you, then take the plunge! Decorating is a game, so do not deprive yourself of any circumstances.

To incorporate a strong color into a room, start with a small object, or something that changes easily like a plaid, curtains, or any other accessory. You will be able to measure the impact that this change will have on your room, but also you. If the result is conclusive, go to the next step (painting, large furniture, etc.).

To soften a little the visual presence of a strong element (as here, the tiled floor) try to emphasize another imposing element (the color library is a good example) or trick with accessories (carpet in the dark). floor, cushion for a sofa, paintings for a wall…).

Finally, don’t forget that it is the mixtures of colors and materials that make an interior authentic and personal, that give it meaning. Try to imagine this apartment without any of its strong elements: then it will become much less interesting!







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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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