How to install a threshold bar?

A threshold bar makes it possible to make the junction between two-floor coverings at the passages of the interior doors, but also to fill in any differences in level.

Which threshold bar to select?

The choice of the threshold bar is made according to the use you wish to make of it. To join two different coverings, you will need a level threshold bar. To mark off an area, you will need a stop bar. Finally, to bridge a height difference, take a catch-up threshold bar. Measure the length of the passage to determine the correct size threshold bar. If you cannot find the corresponding size on the market, opt for the larger model which you will then have to cut out using a hacksaw or a wood saw depending on the material of which it is made.

How to screw the sill bar?

Once in hand at your home, check the adjustment of the threshold bar in the passage. If it sticks slightly, files its edges with sandpaper to refine the cut. Mark the fixing points on the ground with an erasable pencil, then drill with a bit suitable for the nature of the ground (concrete bit or wood bit) and the size of the dowels which were normally provided in the product packaging. In the presence of tiles, do not forget to place pieces of adhesive on the tiles before drilling to avoid bursting them. Insert the plugs with a mallet, then screw the threshold bar with a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver.


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