How to Find a Pet-Friendly Rug That Will Look Chic

On one hand, you want your home to be aesthetically pleasing, and on the other you have the aesthetic urge to find a rug that will fit for your furry friend, right? Yes, we know what you are thinking, but hey, we are here to offer our help. This is the ultimate guide on how to find that perfect rug, and we have the details!

When pets are involved, finding the rug that suits your lifestyle can be a little complicated, but not impossible. You have to be mindful of your pet member when choosing the right one, so the carpet or the rug has to be able to withstand an occasional accident (example – vomit), sandy paw traffic, and the most beautiful cat activity – napping.

Since you have to check for the functionality and performance approach, there are materials, constructions, and colors that are more conducive to their happiness. So, here are the ideas that we’ve collected for your choice of pet-friendly rugs.

Best Rug Materials for a Pet

Thinking about the materials should be the first task on your checklist. When it comes to natural materials, they can be machine-washed and are not a problem for your household, even though some synthetic materials have also advantages when it comes to durability and they are easier to be cleaned.

Here we offer the top-performing materials for you to look for in a pet-friendly rug:

1. Cotton

  • Easy to move
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable in smaller sizes

When it comes to the large ones, there is an enzymatic spot cleaner that could do the job and remove any unwanted stains.

2. Jute

  • Natural fiber
  • Strong durability
  • It can be vacuumed and spot treated and in a natural brown color
  • It can withstand the wear and tear of high-traffic areas

3. Wool

  • Natural fiber
  • More of a luxurious option
  • Durable and eco-friendlier option

Important to mention is that the wool rug isn’t stain-resistant or hydrophobic.

4. Polypropylene

  • Synthetic fiber
  • Stain-resistant
  • Highly durable, and repels water
  • Spots can be cleaned with water and detergent

You can match your rug to your pet! That would be so sweet, Here’s an idea, if your pet is a shedder you should choose a rug that’s closest in color to its fur. We know you think that if you get a dark rug, all problems will be solved… But, not really.. If you have a puppy that is prone to “accidents” the best choice would be to get a multi-colored rug for it can distinguish the small stains. Also, you can get tight and repeating patterns that are good for “covering” stains, simply because it makes the stains less noticeable.


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