How to Execute the Stripped Wall in Your Home + Inspirational Ideas

Want to renew the decoration with little cost and a super effect? Then bet on the striped wallVertical or horizontal, wide or thin, colored or black and white, the stripes change the face of any environment. But before betting on this decorative effect, it is important to pay attention to some details, so everything goes as expected. Check out the tips we have prepared for you:

Striped wall – how to, tips and cautions not to miss

Striped walls have a lot to offer for decorating, but before playing into this trend it is worth taking a look at the tips below:

Stripe Orientation

First of all stop and think about the orientation the stripes will have on your wall. Horizontal or vertical? It may sound silly, but each of these guidelines has a different visual effect.Vertical stripes, for example, are great for stretching and increasing environments with low ceilings, giving them the feeling that they are taller.

Already the horizontal stripes give the impression that the environment is larger, wider and deeper. Which of these sensations do you want to provoke with stripes?

Stripes Thickness

The thickness of the stripes also says a lot about the final decorative effect of the wall. The thin stripes are ideal for those who wish to compose a more classic, elegant and sophisticated decoration.The thick stripes, on the other hand, have a more modern, casual and youthful atmosphere, perfect for youth rooms, for example.

Stripes colors

This is a point that can confuse many people, not only for the variety of colors available, but also for the numerous variety of possible combinations.The most common combinations are white and black striped wall, blue and white striped wall, white and gray striped wall and pink and white striped wall. But these are just some of the many possibilities. So, how to choose?

The tip here is: you need to define first what will be the decorative style of the environment. If you choose a modern proposal, prefer gray scale, white, yellow and blue stripes. If you prefer something more stripped, irreverent and contemporary it is worth betting on stripes with complementary and contrasting colors such as blue and yellow or green and pink, for example.

But if you want to stay in the neutral field, conveying a clean, elegant and sophisticated decoration, the stripes in light and soft tones are the best option. In this case, a good choice is striped walls in shades of beige and white. Already a rustic-style decoration calls for stripes in earth tones, such as brown, beige, red closed and even a burnt orange. 

In nurseries and children’s bedrooms, give preference to striped walls in soft, harmonic tones such as yellow, pink, blue and green combined with white.

Let’s get inspired a little bit more? Following is a selection of photos of environments decorated with striped walls. It’s to fall in love at once, check it out:












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