16 Lovely Living Rooms With Striped Walls

What most designers need to pay attention, when decorating a home, it is that they should very good to know the personality of the people who have to live in the home, so they can meet their demands and needs. Whether modern, classic, minimalist or any other style, the living room it is necessary to offer a pleasant atmosphere and comfort, for those living at home and their frequent guests. In order to achieve this, you have to run greater orderliness of the space, its openness and freedom, quality durable materials, comfortable furniture with cozy soft materials and adequate lighting.

Each part of the house is important, because it is the home corner in which each of us spends most of our free time and the way it is decorated has a major impact on our mood. Sometimes a very small detail can change the overall picture of the living room, and therefore the home. It may be a new wallpaper, new pillows, new carpet, new picture or something else. It could be for example striped wall in the living room. It will always work great, and on the other side it will break the monotony in every living room style. Below you can see some beautiful examples and you might find idea how to decorate your living room with stripes. Enjoy!


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