18 Gorgeous Child’s Room Designs With Striped Walls

The arrangement of the child’s room is a fun and creative process, especially if the parents decide to insert cool elements and furniture that will make for the children fun and playful space for play and learning. There are many ways of arranging the children’s room that does not involve a full reconstruction of the area, but simply inserting decorative, fun and functional elements, that will give to the space the appropriate character on the age of the child and all that according to its style and taste.

Surprise your loved ones with a new enriched children’s room. With little money and a lot of creativity, you can transform your child’s room into a magical spot where they will spend most of their free time to relax, to socialize with peers, or learning and completion of obligations to the school. Be creative, combine several styles, use details in various bright, but not excessively vivid colors, and the room will get a cheerful, colorful spirit, your child’s dream will become a reality.

Below you can see some beautiful examples of magnificent child’s room designs with striped walls. Take a look at our collection and find inspiration!


Image via Mood4Photography


Image via Dylan Chandler


Image via Elisa Ivers Photography


Image via Lumic Photo


Image via Matthew Millman


Image via Cam Richards Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


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