How to equip yourself well to save energy this winter?

Energy prices are rising and our bills are panicking. Driven to react to this economic emergency, the energy transition is accelerating. And it starts at home, where all means are good to significantly reduce our consumption. Especially since reducing our needs (and covering them with clean energy) is a tremendous light at the end of the tunnel. First individually. Because long-term equipment allows you to break free from the financial vice represented by heating or electricity bills. Then at the national level. Because the fewer of us there will over-consume fossil fuels, the more we will preserve the country’s energy independence. Finally at the planetary level, since such an approach is favourable to the planet. So how do you save energy without living by candlelight with three sweaters on your back? Of course, we can plan real work and equip ourselves with fewer energy guzzlers. But other less expensive and more accessible solutions exist. Waiting to take the bull by the horns.

What equipment should you choose to reduce your heating bills?

Representing 67% of the energy consumption of French households, heating is a major lever on which to act. But because the cheapest energy is still the one we do not consume, good insulation remains the essential basis for reducing bills. Another essential precaution: equip yourself with high-performance devices with the best possible yields. Because opting for a log stove or fireplace that exceeds 80% (and pellets 90%), for a gas or pellet boiler that reaches 100% or even a heat pump with a COP greater than 4, is the assurance that the energy expended will be fully utilized to produce calories. Combined, these first two provisions make it possible to drastically reduce energy consumption.

How to be well equipped by betting everything on renewable energies?

In addition to doing good for the planet, changing your heating fuel to renewable energy means first of all taking advantage of kilowatts that are much cheaper to use. Two to three times less expensive than electricity or gas, wood or pellets are options whose renewable aspect is becoming increasingly relevant as fossil fuels become scarce. And what about solar panels, able to heat water for free (sanitary or heating) without having to spend a euro? Same observation for photovoltaic panels, which can not only cover all the electricity consumption of a house but also go beyond by reselling the surplus to EDF. Enough to live a real waking dream by finally receiving positive invoices where your bank account would no longer be punctured but indeed credited. In this tense context of the energy crisis, it makes you want to get started. Nope?


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