How to warm your interior without turning on the heating?

With electricity and gas prices soaring, the Environment and Energy Management Agency’s recommended temperatures (19°C in living spaces, between 16 and 17°C in bedrooms and around 22°C for the bathroom when in use) seem unattainable for many. Between thick carpets, insulating curtains, warm duvets, and other resolutions zoom in on our best ideas for warming up your interior without turning on the heating.

Note that these tips do not compensate for the real insulation of walls and windows.

Let the sun’s rays pierce

We won’t teach you that. In addition to the undeniable energy it generates, the sun also can heat through its thermal rays. On sunny days we also don’t hesitate to open the shutters and curtains to let in the natural warmth. Conversely, when night falls, the same insulating walls are closed to keep the stored heat as long as possible. A solution that works the other way around in summer.

Lay thick carpets

Praised for its decorative but above all warm qualities, the rug ranks first among the must-have accessories to warm up your interior without having to turn on the radiators. Choosing a sufficiently thick and tufted carpet has the gift of limiting heat loss through the floor. This floor accessory can be placed near the sofa, under the dining table or at the end of the bed, avoiding contact with the icy floor. The carpet guarantees moments of cocooning.

Choose the right bedding

To warm up your room without turning on the heating, the accumulation of adapted and cosy textiles is a big plus. To keep the warmth and at the same time emphasize the cosy atmosphere, we put on very warm duvets (fill weight about 500 g/m²), we choose sheets made of cotton, flannel and even linen (known for thermoregulating properties). Finally, we bet on bedspreads, warm and warm.

Go for plaids

When it’s cold, we cover ourselves up. Whether inside or outside. If wearing a fleece at home is possible, investing in a sufficiently cosy plaid is more advisable. Because nothing is more comforting than rolling around on a lush pier, tea in hand. The added benefit? Depending on the material chosen, the plaid can also be used all year round to reinvent the silhouette of the sofa.

Light candles

Even when it’s out, the scented candle has a calming and cosy effect, we prefer to light it to warm up the atmosphere. Turned into a real Proust Madeleine, this decorative object immediately manages to transport us to a kitchen, a cabin in the woods or near a fireplace. Wood fire, gingerbread or cinnamon, the well-chosen scents create an olfactory decor that is warm in the truest sense of the word.


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