How to cool your house without air conditioning during the heat wave?

When the heat wave is announced, we often regret not being equipped with air conditioning units worthy of the name. However, there are less environmentally impactful ways to keep the interior cool. Simple gestures to copy without hesitation to refresh your home 24 hours a day.

Close windows to keep cool

This is basic advice but always useful to remember in times of heat waves! The temperatures are rising, the sun never stops beating? Answer: You have to close your windows to protect yourself from the heat. The best gesture to adopt as an automatic mechanism would be to keep the windows open all night to let as much freshness as possible into the rooms, then to close them at 9 a.m. and reopen them wide again around 8 p.m. the temperatures will gradually drop. During this summer period, the advantage would be to have shutters to insulate from the heat while keeping an ounce of light.

Ventilate your rooms as much as possible

Make drafts even if you hear the doors slam! By circulating fresh air early in the morning when the windows are open, you will gain freshness throughout the house. During the day – and even at night – think of the one that will be your ally all summer to create air: the fan. It will be necessary to anticipate its purchase, at the risk of no longer finding one worthy of the name in the shop once the heat wave has landed and everyone will want their fan. The most efficient models are also the most expensive, such as the ceiling fan. Otherwise, bet on a standing fan, otherwise called a column fan, a very practical model to move from one room to another.

Consider green plants for a feeling of freshness

They are the new favourites of our decor, all the more reason to appreciate them, even more, this summer. Because green plants have virtues in times of heat waves, they will come to regulate the humidity and will bring a feeling of freshness to the decor. Together in the same room, they will form a verdant barrier to the heat. Priority to depolluting plants and hanging plants. 

Change your bed linen for a simple sheet

The house must imperatively switch to summer mode, which means that it is necessary to get rid of the surplus. On the bed, clean up and remove the winter duvet cover, cushions, throws and other superfluous bed linens. Bet on a lighter summer duvet or a simple flat sheet. Same story on the side of the sofa corner: get rid of the overflow of cushions and throws, bet on a large white sheet slightly moistened and or a linen sheet for a feeling of freshness.

Invest the floors with your mattress

The idea may seem surprising and yet it has been tested and approved many times! Invest the floor of your bedroom by installing your mattress on the floor for a cooler night. If you can’t move your bedroom to the east or the ground floor of your house, this trick will guarantee you a better night’s sleep


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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