How To Choose The Perfect Round Bathroom Mirror

Year in, year out, and the round bathroom mirror is still preferred. This type of mirror provides refinement and elegance, while also being used in a modern and bold way. Everything will depend on how the mirror will be combined with the other elements of the decoration.

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Round mirror: tips and important information

Mirror size

The round mirror needs to be proportionate to the size of the countertop. The minimum recommended measurement, however, is 50 cm in diameter, enough to get a good view of the face and part of the body. But if the bathroom space allows, increase the diameter proportionally to the countertop. Ideally, the mirror should be centered at least four inches away from the opposite wall. 

Don’t leave the round mirror glued to the sidewall, so you don’t lose harmony in the environment.

Mirror height

The height of the mirror is also important, as this is not just a decorative element, but extremely functional.

By default, the recommended height for fixing round mirrors in the bathroom is 1.50 m from the floor. However, this measurement can be changed depending on the average height of the residents and the bathroom design. When in doubt, place the shortest and tallest resident in the house and mark the central point of view for each of them. Then take an average and install.


The round mirror should always be positioned about the sink countertop. In the case of double tanks, use two mirrors, one for each tank. Symmetry and proportionality are important elements when working with the round mirror in bathroom decor.

With or without frame

Round mirrors can be used with or without a frame. Everything will depend on the decorative proposal you intend for the bathroom.

In general, frames tend to make the mirror look more like a picture. The bigger and more colorful the frame, the more prominent the mirror will be. In the same way that a round mirror with a thin frame or without a frame will convey a greater sense of spaciousness and clarity to the environment, making it ideal for a modern proposal, especially the most minimalist ones. 

For those looking for something more sophisticated and elegant, round mirrors with bisote or Venetian-type finish are a good choice.

How to fix the round mirror on the wall

The round mirror can be fixed to the wall in different ways. For those who opted for a round mirror without a frame, the tip is to stick it on. But this solution is only suitable for bathrooms with ceramic tile since the glue is only suitable for this type of material.

For masonry walls or another type of coating, the most recommended is to fix the mirror using buttons. Another option, this time for mirrors with frames, is the good old-fashioned support, or even the nail. However, you need to make sure that the mirror is correctly placed so that it does not run the risk of it coming off and causing an accident.

Check out the following ideas on how to use the round mirror in bathroom decor below and get inspired:











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