How To Choose The Ideal Type Of Lock

Not all locks are the same, did you know that? There are several types of locks on the market and knowing the difference between them is essential to ensure the security of the property.

Keep following this post to find out which types of locks are most used and which one is the best option for your home or business.

How to choose the perfect lock

Material quality and strength

The lock, especially the one installed on the front door and the outside of the house, needs to be made of high-quality material. This is important not only for the safety issue but also for the durability of the part. Evaluate the resistance of the material and if it can withstand climatic variations, such as heat, cold, humidity, sun, and sea air if you live on the coast. 

Locks made, for example, in stainless steel and aluminum are the most suitable for external environments subject to humidity, since they do not suffer from corrosion and rust.

Usage and functionality

Another important point to be taken into account when choosing the lock concerns use and functionality. A front door lock, for example, is often used much more than a bedroom door lock. Therefore, choose the lock based on the frequency with which it will be activated daily. In this way, you acquire a product with longer useful life and, consequently, a better cost-benefit at the end.

It is also important to think about who will use the lock. Elderly people and people with mobility difficulties, for example, benefit from locks with a simple and uncomplicated activation system. 

Internal or external

Before choosing the ideal type of lock for your home, it is essential to know if it will be installed on the internal or external side, that is if it will be on the social gate or the front door of the house.  First, this impacts the quality and type of material used in the manufacture of the lock. 

The second reason is security, we’ll talk about that later. follow up.

Security level

One of the main reasons, if not the biggest, for using the lock is the security it brings to the property. However, each type of lock is classified according to its security level. 

This rating ranges from light, low, medium, high, or maximum. For entrance doors and social gates, the recommendation is to choose locks with a high or maximum security level. Light, low, and medium level locks should be used on interior doors, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, for example.

Part design

In addition to all the issues discussed above, it is still important to evaluate the type of lock based on its design, color, and shape, after all, despite being a detail on the door, the lock is an important part of the aesthetics of the environment. 

Therefore, the tip is to choose a lock that matches the style and material of the door, as well as the architecture of the house, especially in the case of external locks. 


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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