How do you set up a home office?

Having a reserved space for your home office does more than one favour. With the democratization of telework but also of self-employment, this home office is becoming more and more common. Although inevitably associated with the thought of work, the private office can accommodate many other activities. Although it can be made available to continue the day’s work or to deal with authorities at the weekend, it can also be used for a whole range of creative activities: reading, writing, sewing, painting… So setting up an office at home requires a first question: an office for what? Then comes the time for answers and decoration requests…

Set up an office in a small room, bedroom or living room

To choose your office well, first think about the role you want to give it: an office for work or for creative activities. Then analyze the space available in your home: Do you have free space exclusively for an office or would you like to set up a smart office area in a shared room? In a living room, in a bedroom, on a mezzanine or even in a passageway such as a hallway or the entrance, it is sometimes difficult to set up a workspace. Secretaire, console table, the desk in the closet, desk under the stairs, office space hidden behind a bookshelf, there are as many furnishing tips as there are desires to decorate and different spaces!

To optimize the office space in a room that already has another function, we look for a two-in-one piece of furniture such as a shelf desk, a desk with flaps or a trundle desk. There are many models of ultra-efficient small desks to save space. This type of furniture is preferred in small rooms.

Organize your office space properly, the secret to an efficient workplace

To work effectively, you need to create a space with a calm atmosphere and an organized place. We, therefore, think first of all of the storage systems that best suit your office: shelves, bookshelves, roll-up boxes, sideboards… Think of made-to-measure systems or self-assembled systems that adapt to the environment of the place. Finally, recycling and storage baskets, in which you can store your DIY and creative leisure accessories, provide a decorative touch.


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