How Cozy Interior Is Born?

Do you know that feeling when you enter a space and are overwhelmed by such a light relaxed and good feeling? Some people say that they experienced that feeling on the apartment screen (and that they knew when they were standing that they had come home). 

Familiar smells, light streaming through the windows, and all the traces of everyday life make my heart leap with joy and happiness every single time. However, this is a private side of everyone’s home. The pictures are meant to serve as inspiration, but not as guidelines for what the home should really look like. 


Is it really the case that people who long for color around them live apathetically in their colorless homes without doing anything about it (if the walls cannot be painted for one reason or another, can you use textiles to add color to the interior, for example)?

And why is it always emphasized that lack of color is automatically a sign of a lack of courage or (what’s worse) a lack of personality?

We think the juxtaposition of light “Scandi homes” versus colorful homes is really tiring (after all, it’s purely a matter of taste). Timeless, durable, and cozy interior design (be it light or colorful) is created by trusting your own taste, regardless of what trend is prevailing at any given time.

Instead, strong colors and rich materials require my attention and take energy. In order for me to be able to work creatively or to relax, my environment must produce as few stimuli as possible (i.e. odorless and tasteless, as someone else will surely think). 

Prefer authentic materials

Always choose materials that are as natural as possible, such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, or bamboo and wood (domestic wood is always a safe choice. (Finnish forests are mostly certified for responsibility. The further away the wood was produced, the harder it is to trace its origin.)

Our favorites are neutral and earthy tones, but sometimes, when you want more color in your life, you can always replace the armchair with a yellow loose cover and add a few multi-colored pillows to the sofa (floral patterns are the best). The appearance of the room changes radically with such simple measures.

Rag rugs, patchwork, or oriental rugs are guaranteed to bring color and warmth to an all-white interior. If these don’t seem natural, the same effect can also be achieved with neutral-toned jute, sisal, or wool rugs. These are excellent for children and animal husbandry.


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