A Sky Blue Bedroom With A Cozy Decor

Soft sky blue, white walls, beige shades of natural fibers and wood… If you’re looking for the decorating recipe for a cozy adult’s bedroom, this is the combination to bet on. This combination of natural colors and materials gives a restful atmosphere to the bedroom.

Mix up the furniture

To give personality to your sky blue bedroom, definitely forget the total look and avoid furnishing it with furniture from the same collection. Indeed, the best way to give an authentic look to your decoration is to mix the furniture. And the advice also applies to the finishes: do not try to match at all costs shades of wood, cane, or weaves.

How to mix the different blues on the bedroom side?

Blue comes in several tones and these are easily associated with each other. Do not be afraid to mix pastel, light blue, or even navy blue for an atmosphere conducive to creativity. We can indeed decline the blue color in various shades and combine these different shades to obtain a monochrome. What shape, for sure, a very modern decoration. But if you prefer a little more sobriety, you might as well opt for addition in small touches. On a single wall of the bedroom in paint, on accessories such as a suspension or a carpet for example, on the cushions, the bedspread, or the curtains, the blue color always finds its place.

With what colors to associate blue in the bedroom?

Whether king, duck, indigo, turquoise, or pastel, nuanced blue, from the lightest to the darkest, has the advantage of blending easily with a multitude of colors, such as pink, beige, white, yellow, without any fault of taste. Depending on the colors, effects, and combinations, it elegantly softens or enlivens the room and thus brings a note of cheerfulness to the bedroom.











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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