Happiness Explained In The Order Of The Following Things

The order at home gives you serenity and, without a doubt, it is the fine line between a house and… a home. Always have these 10 things in order and you will see that it works!

Why order and happiness go hand in hand?  The answer is not just one, many reasons explain why an organized house puts you in a better mood, gives you serenity, and facilitates your daily life in many ways. We will try to explain it in this article, but the most important thing is that you take into account the 10 proposals of things that you should have in order at home and check yourself or yourself that it really works.

Let’s start at the beginning: having an organized house allows you to know where everything is and, therefore, have everything at hand, which will avoid wasting time looking for your things where you think you left them the last time you used them. .. Second, imagine coming home one day after a busy workday. Would you like to have to make the bed, clean up the kitchen and fold all the clothes that you left lying around in the morning, throw out the garbage and tidy up the bathroom so you can take a quiet shower? If the answer is no, you are on the right track!

How to achieve an organized and orderly house?

The secret is to be constant, not to accumulate old things that you no longer use (we stole this tip from Marie Kondo, the guru of order at home and author of The Magic of Order ) and, finally, to have accessories of order that make your life easier, such as vacuum bags to store clothes from other seasons, dividers for drawers, boxes and baskets for each thing, specific hangers for each garment, shoe racks, a specific area for cleaning products, and a long etcetera. This last piece of advice could be translated into the motto of the Konmari method: separate, classify and catalog everything you have at home.

Order in the fridge

Not only will it help you to organize your weekly menus and to know what you have in the fridge at all times, but it will also help you avoid accumulating and throwing away food scraps.

A clear hall

It is one of the main theories of Feng Shui: for positive energy to enter the house, relieve stress and clutter in the hall, and let the good vibes flow through your house.

Walls in order

Yes, as you read it. Placing paintings, photos and your favorite tiles in the mosaic is fine (and fashionable!), But a clear wall with a meaningful decoration will give a lot of harmony to the room.

Make the bed

And yes, it is an order. But thought of your own good. Science corroborates it: it gives happiness!

The desk always, always, in order

It is impossible to concentrate on a chaotic table.

Take out the things you don’t wear

And classify your shoes, order your sweaters, T-shirts, and underwear, and … do not accumulate old clothes.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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