Graffiti In The Interior – 17 Astonishing Ideas For Your Inspiration

Although in some cases graffiti on the outer walls of the buildings does not look pretty, this does not mean that this way of drawing and painting walls can not be considered as art. Graffiti can represent beautiful and positive things, if the are made of talented artists. With graffiti you can also decorate some rooms in your home, especially when it comes to rooms for teenagers or children. Such a design in the house can spectacularly decorate the walls and at the same time can say a lot about the personality of the person living in that space.

In relation to wallpaper or stickers, graffiti is more durable, due to the special ingredients they contain. They represent a unique decoration, transforming simple impersonal rooms into a pleasant place to live. For the kids, you can make graffiti with cartoon characters that your children love or soothing landscapes that turn the room into a fairy tale. If you are wondering where else you can apply graffiti, you should know that they look perfect on the furniture. Wardrobe or closet, an old chest of drawers, with graffiti becomes a new piece of furniture that will be completely unique and modern.





Tags: decorating, graffiti, interior design

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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