Good Reasons To Have A Corner Shelf

Corner shelves are fantastic space-saving features. Unlike ordinary shelves, this type of shelf allows you to occupy spaces that were previously unusable. But the advantages of this simple and so functional piece do not end there. Here are some more good reasons to adopt the corner shelf in your decor:

Optimizes space

The corners of a room are often not well used unless you have a planned furniture project. Other than that, they are always “leftover”. And, let’s combine something? You can’t waste space these days, can you? Even more so with smaller and smaller house plans.  

And it is precisely in this sense that corner shelves end up being very useful both in terms of decoration and functionality. 

Customize the decor

Corner shelves allow you to bring personality to the decor as they can be used to display unique and original items in a previously unused space. 

Not to mention that the corner shelves can take on very creative colors and shapes, bringing an extra charm to the entire composition of the environment.

Versatile and functional

Every room in the house can count on the versatility and functionality of the corner shelves. You can use them in the bathroom, living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and even in the laundry area.

And in each of those places, it can be used for a different purpose. In the bathroom, for example, it is common for corner shelves to be used in the shower area to organize and store shampoo, creams, and soaps. In the kitchen, in turn, the corner shelf breaks a branch in organizing small utensils and accessories. And if you want to make her super charming, try organizing spice pots on top of her.

In bedrooms, the corner shelf can be used to organize jewelry, perfumes, makeup, and small decorative items. Another cool way to use the corner shelf in the bedroom is to display collections. And in the room? In the living room, the corner shelf is beautiful when used to display plants, books, picture frames, among other objects. It can even be used to replace larger, more space-consuming furniture such as racks and coffee tables.

Finally, it is still worth betting on the use of the corner shelf in the service area. Use it to organize cleaning products. It is practical and functional.

Colors and models to choose

There is a universe of possibilities when it comes to a corner shelf. They vary in colors, sizes, models, and shape. The simplest are those made of MDF or wood fitted directly to the wall with the help of screws and a French hand. However, there are other models, such as those that extend to form a larger shelf or even a bookcase. 

The materials for manufacturing the corner shelves are also quite varied. The most popular are made of wood and MDF, but you can still opt for models in iron, plastic, glass, stainless steel, and even cardboard. 

It all depends on the style of your decor and where you want to use it. In humid environments, such as bathrooms, for example, it is ideal to have more resistant and easy-to-clean materials, such as glass, stainless steel, and wood. In environments such as living rooms and bedrooms, any corner shelf model is welcome.


When compared to other types of furniture, corner shelves are much cheaper and financially viable, while still fulfilling their main functions. In other words, you can easily replace a more expensive piece of furniture with a corner shelf without compromising on the functionality or aesthetics of the environment.

Corner shelves in MDF are the most affordable on the market and can be purchased at very attractive prices. But if you want a custom design, it’s worth investing in thoughtful corner shelves. Despite the slightly higher cost, the result is worth a lot.

Can be done by yourself

But if you don’t feel like buying a ready-made corner shelf, be aware that you can make one yourself, with your own hands. The cost is even lower and you still get a piece with personality and original design.

Below we show you some of the best tutorials on how to make a corner shelf. Follow up.

Check out the following corner shelf ideas below and get inspired to decorate your corner:











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