Glass In Your Interior Design for Visually Large and Bright Space

Thinking that the glass leaves the impression of a cold in the room is not true, you should just need to know how to use it. Production of glass has been known since the time of ancient civilizations, especially from the time of ancient Greece and Rome, when it received widely use. From that time until the final appearance of the massive industrial production, the glass was form the group of the expensive and luxurious materials, that was harder available to the people.

Today, it is almost inconceivable any interior, without some form of glass, whether it’s glass shelves, top tables, glass fronts chest of drawers, doors, light fixtures, vases and other decorative items, and, of course, indispensable window. Its transparency, different shapes and colors make it easy applicable in all styles of design, and with functionality, glass always brings with it an irresistible decorative element that makes the area special, visually cleaner and more spacious.

The easy maintenance and its irreplaceable beauty is some unique shapes, make glass one of the most popular material in all living spaces, from a hall and living room to the bathroom and kitchen. Glass is especially recommended for areas with smaller sizes, as well as for those with less inflow of natural light. It is great to combine it with all natural materials, such as stone, any metal, wood and brick. Coloured glass or frosted glass will actually contribute to the feeling of comfortable and warm home, particularly if combined with other warmer elements like warm, thick fabric for the sitting furniture or rich wool carpets.

The glass through which it breaks natural or artificial light brings playfulness and dynamism to any room. Using glass in your interior design will revive with light and will seem visually larger. Bellow you can see some examples how to enter properly glass items in your interior design.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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