Fantastic Industrial Style Apartment

For the interior design and decoration, we would never say that this house is an apartment on the second floor of an ordinary building.

The semi-open layout, furnishings, exposed brick, sliding glass doors from room to room, stucco or tile walls that mimic concrete, old wood flooring, recycled doors, vintage objects, furniture, and fixtures. Many elements confuse us, they place us earlier in an old factory than in a modern home.

The apartment we see today has without a doubt a lot of personalities, the mix of new and old, metal, leather, cement, plants and all the art hanging on the walls, give it a vintage industrial air that we love, no It is easy to build such an environment today, you have to have a great vision and be skillful in finding and combining elements.

We especially like that corner of the kitchen where you can see the stainless steel countertop, the recycled brown leather sofa, the big old factory lamp, and the urban painting behind, if we didn’t know more, it would seem that we are seeing a corner in a coffee shop from a hipster neighborhood of any big city in our world, but no, it is the kitchen of this family.

If we continue to the dining room and living room, this walk between recycled furniture, plants, glass walls, and exposed brick, of course, is not something that is expected in a home of our days where mainstream decorations abound, it is very interesting.

We hope you enjoy this 80 m² house incredibly decorated with hundreds of practical details, it seems spectacular to you?










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