18 Extraordinary Industrial Living Room Designs That Will Amaze You

What do you know about the industrial home design style? Most people don’t think of it much more than just a home that has been built in a building that was previously a factory or served some other industrial purpose. But the industrial style is much more than that. The industrial living room for example, can have a very vibrant interior with contrasts created by exposed brick walls, exposed concrete ceiling and exposed steel beams. All of this means that this style has the ability to deliver interiors with very easy maintenance.

Have a look at our latest collection of interior designs in which we are going to show you 18 Extraordinary Industrial Living Room Designs That Will Amaze You. You will notice that none of these designs feel as if you were in a factory. None at all. Instead, they look quite contemporary but have a touch of uniqueness to them. So if this style is right up your alley, then you would be glad to know that we’re working on a complete showcase of the industrial style and so far, it consists of designs of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Stay tuned for more!

1. Refined Industrial House Remodel

2. Casa Mac

3. Carriage House

4. Smolensky Deluxe Quarters


5. 204 S VENICE

6. Industrial Living Room

7. Historic Eastern Columbia Building Loft

8. Ransome Dock Project

9. Industrial Loft Living Room

10. Bucktown Loft, Chicago

11. Luxurious Toronto Condo

12. 858 N. Orleans Loft

13. House Above 44 Kasai Road

14. Riverbend Residence

15. Industrial Apartment Interior

16. O House


17. Glenfield House

18. East Maddison Home


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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