Elegant, Contemporary Style In An Apartment In Florence

This concept is used impeccably in the renovation of an apartment located in Florence, Italy, which after the intervention of the studio becomes a contemporary and functional home, exclusively designed and tailored for the owner, a young professional.

Color, lighting, and geometry play an important role in the renovation, which are combined with the use of natural materials such as wood and stone to bring warmth to the rooms. Likewise, the use of glass elements stands out to amplify the spaces and create a homely and pleasant atmosphere, all without sacrificing the comfort and privacy, and individuality of each of the rooms.

Two heights

Strategically, the studio used the impressive height of the original space, which had only one floor, to maximize the effect by creating a mezzanine for a second bedroom, a private lavatory, and a Turkish bath. For the separation of the two levels, a glass and metal partition was used, which makes it easier for the entire apartment to be bathed in light that shapes the different spaces.

All rooms on both floors have soft, natural tones that provide warmth and comfort. Highlights, for example, are the petrol green in the living room and a beautiful ultramarine blue in the main room, which are combined with the dark oak wood slat flooring that creates a continuous flow in the space.

Transformation to two floors

The reform involved the demolition of a part of the original attic that allowed the creation of double-height space and, therefore, the transformation of a single area into an apartment that is divided into two floors in a fully functional way.

Day zone

The entrance of the apartment opens up to a diaphanous day area, which has a kitchen with an island in a petrol green color that adds character and simultaneously contributes to its spatial organization.

Main room

Once in the living room, located next to the kitchen, we go to the master suite, which is a totally contemporary space with walls in an outstanding ultramarine blue. In turn, the recessed bedroom door fits discreetly into the wall alongside a wooden wardrobe that matches the parquet floor and mirror frame.

As for the Victoriano bed from the firm ‘Lema’, it has a polished metal frame and at the foot of it stands a custom-made Carrara marble bathtub, designed by the architecture firm itself. Through a door that runs from floor to ceiling, you can access the bathroom, which also has large slabs of the same Carrara marble.

Top floor

The first level is accessed by a staircase made to measure that is located in the living room and has a wooden finish to match the floor of the apartment.

The floor was created using the height of the original space to maximize the effect and always by non-invasive structural additions. It is separated from the lower level by a glass wall with brushed metal frames.


In this, we find the second bedroom in sage green tones, which are reproduced on the back wall and in some decorative pieces such as the Cila armchair. It also has a private bathroom and a Turkish bath covered with slabs, also in green.

Like the downstairs sink, it features Carrara marble slabs and black faucets to highlight the contrasts and contemporary style of the apartment.

Contemporary style

The result is an open and fresh apartment where additional spaces and volumes are combined with an elegant use of materials and color and with the wide-plank dark oak parquet present throughout the complex.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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