Decorating Ideas That Include Tapestry For Your Home

A tapestry is a type of weaving that involves the art of attaching threads to create a weft. Although people often associate it with the design of arabesque or nature rugs, it’s not just for flooring. Its products can also be used to cover tables and beds.

Besides being used as flooring, a wide range of tapestries can also be utilized to decorate walls. This is not a new concept, and it’s not surprising that people are more likely to use these pieces on walls.

How to use tapestry in decoration?

Today’s design highlights are small and medium pieces, which bring a variety of colors and textures to the table. Today’s large art pieces are not designed to provide thermal comfort to people. Instead, they are made to hide the elements. This means that articles that cover most walls are rarely seen.

Like other hand-made items, such as jewellery, the tapestry can be used in beach and contemporary settings. Its vibrant and stripped models are favorites, but they can also work well in more sophisticated settings.

If you are looking for a more minimalist style, choose a flat, smaller model as your main piece. For a maximalist outlook, go for vibrant and textured models. Use a tapestry as a picture on the wall, and it can be placed anywhere you want it, such as in the dining room, bedroom, or living room. If you have a white wall, make a gallery wall to show off the artwork.

One of the easiest ways to make a room more welcoming and interesting is by using a tapestry instead of a traditional bedhead.

You can also use a tapestry on the floor, just like a traditional rug. It can be used to create various decorative items, such as cushions and centerpieces.


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