Home Tapestries To Get For Your Favorite Space

The tapestries are true works of art that, for decades, have been in the background, in the shadows of photographs, sheets, or canvases that decorated our walls. Tapestry art, associated for centuries with the nobility and the church, was out of the reach of commoners, who rarely had the opportunity to enjoy this art outside of museums. Today, the tapestry is closer than ever to us.

What is its true origin? These works woven, traditionally by hand, and simulating paintings, have their origin in ancient times when they were used to insulate the walls from the cold. At first, the simple thick cloth was used, without any aesthetic rigor, and over time they became an essential element to decorate walls and celebrations. It has been recently, when decoration lovers have learned to appreciate these works of art, also inside our homes.

The art of tapestry encompasses various techniques, from macramé to embroidery, through warp or loom. These allow the creation of unique compositions designed to decorate the walls of the most current houses. What’s more, some of these proposals are fully accessible to all budgets, showing that access to art is more democratized than ever.

It is in the XV and XVI centuries when its use begins to spread in the decoration of palaces and important celebrations, creating a clear difference with the carpets. 

Made of macramé, handwoven, embroidered, created on a loom, in plain or multicolored colors, tapestries are one of the most versatile elements to decorate the walls of our home.

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