Decor Ideas Of Apartment Entrance Hall

Far from being an unnecessary luxury, the apartment entrance hall welcomes and assists those who arrive and leave the house, whether residents themselves or visitors. For this reason, this space needs to be thought about and planned with a focus on functionality, but without giving up the decorative function. 

With that in mind, we’ve gathered in this post nine apartment entrance hall decorating tips, as well as ideas and inspiration for you to create your project. Keep following.


At the same time that you must integrate, it is also necessary to sectorize, that is, to demarcate the space dedicated to the decoration of the apartment entrance hall. 

This sectorization can be done in several ways. One of them is the use of planned joinery, for example, that delimits the space of the hall or, in an even simpler way, only with a differentiated painting, such as geometric, half wall or total, where even the ceiling and the doors get the same color.

In addition to painting, it is also possible to think of a sectorization made with wallpaper or wall stickers.

Light up

Another key tip for decorating an apartment entrance hall is lighting. Most of the time, this space does not have natural lighting and even during the day, it may be necessary to turn on the lights.

This boost in lighting is extremely useful when you get home, helping you empty your hands of keys, documents, and bags. For this, invest in ceiling spots, pendant lamps, and even table lamps and lamps.


Plants are a plus in the decoration of the apartment entrance hall. They bring that warm and welcoming touch, something perfect for an environment like the hall. However, pay attention to the brightness of the place. If the hall is dark or poorly lit, prefer artificial versions of greens.

Otherwise, bet on a shade or semi-shade plants.


A rug makes everything even cozier, after all, there’s nothing better than taking off your shoes and touching a soft and warm floor, right?

Objects with personality

Another golden tip for decorating the entrance hall of an apartment: invest in objects that convey the personality of the residents. 

Use pieces you brought from travel, for example, art objects or even paintings and posters that identify with your values ​​and personal style.











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