Entrance Hall Decorating Ideas

Why decorate a space that is almost always small, narrow, and only serves as a passageway? A lot of people still think that way when it comes to entrance hall decor. But therein lies a big mistake.

The entrance hall is the reception of the house. It is through it that everyone passes when entering and leaving, whether residents or guests. That alone would be reason enough for you to make a beautiful entrance hall decoration, after all, it is the business card of your home. But there are other reasons for this.

Keep following the post that we tell you and, on top of that, it still helps you with many beautiful ideas and inspirations.

Why decorate the entrance hall?

In addition to being the recipient of the house, the entrance hall is also that space where you check out the last look before leaving the house, put on or take off your shoes, put on the umbrella, and also store and organize keys and correspondence. Not to mention that with the coronavirus pandemic, the entrance hall also started to accumulate the function of a hygiene station, where masks are placed and gel alcohol is always available.

Summing up the whole story, the entrance hall is like a friend willing to help those who arrive and who leave, always very attentive, zealous, and helpful. Thinking this way, does he or does he not deserve a neat decoration?

Decorating tips for the entrance hall

Entrance hall function

How do you intend to use the entrance hall? Defining the function of this space is super important before planning the decoration. For example, if you’re the type who likes to take off your shoes before entering the house, then it’s nice to have a shoe rack in the hall. These small details will help you create a more welcoming, functional, and comfortable environment based on your needs. 

Color palette

The entrance hall is like a portal inside the house. It makes the transition between what is inside and what is outside. Therefore, it is cool to play with different color possibilities in this space, precisely to mark this environment, especially when it is integrated with other environments in the house. 

A trend that is on the rise these days is to paint the entrance hall area with a brighter and more cheerful color, making it stand out from the rest of the spaces. It is even worth painting the ceiling as if closing a box. However, if you intend to visually expand the space of the entrance hall, then the tip is to opt for neutral and light colors. 

Foyer style

Have you ever thought about the decorative style of the entrance hall? So it’s about time. The style of the hall is so important that it determines practically everything: from the choice of colors to the design of objects and furniture. A modern and sophisticated entrance hall decoration, for example, prioritizes noble materials, such as marble, in addition to neutral colors and a clean design with few elements. 

On the other hand, a modern entrance hall decor, but with a touch of relaxation and irreverence, can bet on the use of bright colors and a mix of styles for the furniture, integrating vintage pieces with modern ones, for example. But if you think of a rustic or boho-influenced entrance hall decor, prioritize the use of natural materials such as wood, straw, wicker, ceramics, among others.

Customize the entrance hall

A cool thing about the entrance hall is the possibility to put the personality of the residents in this space. It can be decorated with elements that indicate the preferences, values, ​​and tastes of those who live in the house. 

Check out the following entrance hall decor ideas to inspire your project below:











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