Creative Ideas of Having a Unique Wine Cellar

The cellar has become a very common space in residential projects, as it is an environment for relaxing with friends and family. It can come as a closed environment or even integrated into the kitchen or some other social area.

To place a wine cellar indoors, you need to check the environment in which it will be designed, due to the temperature and incidence of light and always store it so that it lies flat. The pantry is a room that is being used a lot to build this space because it fulfills all the requirements.

On the walls, you have many options to support the bottles. They can be individual as if they were niches with different formats or metallic stainless steel shelves that end up giving a jovial and cool look. For those who prefer a classic style, the ideal is to opt for a wooden panel with hooks or a piece of furniture that can be used to store bottles. And because it is a wine cellar, it is also nice to place a bench or a small table to support glasses and relax in this space with friends.

Another option for apartments or small houses is to have a climate-controlled cellar. But it is good to certify the size of the internal space, such as whether the shelves can be changed or removed to gain space and height for special bottles.

There is an option for all tastes and spaces, from the simplest and most modern. With that, we separate proposals for everyone, taking suggestions and tips for those who want to have their own wine cellar, check out:










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