Corner Furniture to Optimize the Space of a Room

The angles in the decoration. We often forget them however they are real assets when we seek to optimize the space in a small accommodation. These angles can be decorative. They can also be functional and offer you additional storage so as not to clutter the rest of the room. We offer you an overview of corner furniture that can be useful to you every day.


Let’s move on to the bedroom where once again the angles of the room can be optimized to save you space. Generally, the bed is in the middle of a wall and there is a tendency to place the wardrobe on the opposite wall. By creating a corner wardrobe, you change this dynamic. Your furniture will seem less imposing. What we also like is that we visually reduce the space dedicated to storage in the bedroom. The overall ambiance of your bedroom will be more refined and conducive to sleep. There are corner dressing kits in large DIY stores. This arrangement is less expensive than a custom dressing. 



If your kitchen is U or L shaped, you have one or two angles to furnish. Kitchen designers offer different pieces of furniture for this specific part of the kitchen. There is the tablet version, which is the cheapest but does not allow access to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. We like the solution of shelves and or baskets that rotate around a central axis. It is a little more expensive but it is also much more practical. You can access all of your stores without having to take everything out or without having to contort yourself. The opening of the furniture is also important. It should allow you to access the entire box. We can think of a door in 2 parts which will follow the shape of the angle. Aesthetically, it will blend perfectly into your kitchen. And it will also be practical. Pay attention to the work surface above the angle. Generally, we do not cook on this part of the work surface. So you have to be careful not to pile up a lot of things on it. The coffee machine for example can quite find its place in this place of the kitchen. In this way, it will not clutter your preparation space.



We stay on the idea of ​​a small room with the bathroom. The layout of the bathroom is sometimes a headache because there is a lack of space to store all the things. The angles are therefore assets to be exploited. There are many corner pieces of furniture for the bathroom. To choose the right furniture, it must meet your storage needs and decorate your room. In this room, the angle can also be the support for a small vanity unit or a hand basin. If you only use your sink to brush your teeth, you don’t need to have a large piece of furniture that will clutter the room for no reason.



And then, it is possible that we just find that something is missing in a room. You know, that feeling that the room is a bit wobbly, a little too empty. Sometimes this idea is caused because of the angles which seem too empty. This unpleasant impression can be explained in many ways. But that is not the question. Generally, you don’t change all your furniture because of this visual effect in the decor. And to overcome this problem, you can use a floor lamp, plants, or even a corner unit. There are lots of them. There are shelves of angles to put the decoration. There are corner dressers for the dining room. We can also think of a corner bookcase when we no longer know where to store books in the house.



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Author: Renata Kralevska


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