Copenhagen Holiday Amongst Danish Design

They never cease to amaze us how some families put their homes for vacation rental with all their personal belongings in sight.

It is a wonderful home, you can see the warmth of a family, their tastes and their hobbies. Here they like to read, play, cook, enjoy the outdoors, be together and each has their place.

The house is located in Frederiksberg, one of the most densely populated areas in Denmark, in Copenhagen, so that little garden seems like a great luxury. As we said, it can be rented on vacation. And they do it as is, with everything in sight and everything accessible, so if we want to read a book in the garden, play, if we take the kids or start cooking a local dish we can do it as we please.

It is not at all what one expects when renting a vacation home, where the decorations are usually very austere, but the reward is total because it gives a true image of how the locals live, the accessories, or the design they use the most. etc. We find it very enriching and it is something that you could never learn living in a hotel.

Also, as the house is so close to the city center the situation is fantastic to explore the surroundings without complications of distances and transport.

We like the carpentry of this house, the floors, the large windows and the double doors, which can connect spaces so well, such as the living room with the kitchen.

The youth room also deserves a mention, very Nordic, modern, with loose pieces, which seem to not fit together, but which end up creating a very personal and particular space. Would you escape to Copenhagen to this house for a few days, what do you think?









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