Nordic Style Can Also Be Cozy

Yes, the Nordic style can indeed be somewhat cold, in its most minimalist version, but in reality, it is a style that is never synonymous with cold between professionals and amateurs. Ambient lighting, textiles, natural wood paneling, painted wallpaper… in general, the mix of materials, good insulation, furniture, accessories, and textures, make the decoration warm and personal, no matter how white or minimalist the touch we prefer.

In the last decades, we have learned from the Nordics above all to illuminate. We have forgotten those pendant lamps with white light, as the only point of light in a room, and that never translates into something cozy, to create many points of ambient light.

If we really like the whiter versions of the Nordic style and when applying it at home, we feel that the image is somewhat cold, add details such as textured or colored coatings on walls or floors, plants, textiles, and accessories in various textures, wool, cotton, etc. help to give warmth. Of course, personal items and daily life always provide this warmth that makes us feel comfortable.Β In a minimal white Nordic kitchen, the moment we start to make a dessert and the smell of vanilla floods the house with ambient lights, we have that warm factor, difficult to see in a photograph.










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