Best Design Colleges in the US

Art schools are educational institutions for training students on major art courses.  Art is believed to be a form of human expression.  Today, there are first-rate art universities specializing in top-rated applied art courses, due to the current spike in the need and demand for design jobs such as architectural designs, website designs, graphic designs, gaming designs, and others. In our era of technological advance, creative people are not alone and always can be helped not only great teachers but also by modern technologies. Just as APA format paper writing service and other writing sales services help writers deliver and shape their thoughts and ideas into a much more professional written piece, Art schools (real and online) also help refine and shape young artists into professionals.

While talking about design, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is art, but this is a booming area – even more so with the advancement of technology. A societal phenomenal that opened up the way to new modalities such as interface design and gaming design.

Here we tell you the best art colleges in the US offering art and design courses, using parameters such as acceptability, popularity, awards collected, ranking, and opinions.

Best art colleges in the US offering arts and design courses

1. Art Center College of Design

Founded in the year 1930, Art Center offers classes focused on the artistic area. The school began giving photography classes and sometime later, more precisely in 1949, it began to offer degrees for undergraduate and PG degrees in the arts – and it has remained that way until today. Here you will find courses in Advertising, Entertainment Design, Environmental, Graphic, Interaction, and Product; Photography and Illustration. This school also has its own publication, the Dots, which is published bi-annually.

2.Rhode Island

Established in the year 1877, the Rhode Island School is a school which is renowned for its artistic tradition. It is no doubt, one of the best art schools in the US. The aim of the institution is to enable its students to become full artists: to learn the principles of art, to apply the learned principles so that they can understand them and pass them on, and finally to expose their work to the world. Here you have courses such as Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Furniture as well as Industrial Designs. Rhode Island also offers classes in Ceramics, Illustration, Animation, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, and other arts. The institution also maintains more than 80 thousand artworks in the museum received in its name.

3. University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is a public university which was established in the year 1819. It has a college for art, planning, architecture, and design. It has arguably the best art colleges in the US. It’s not just renowned in the design area. Here you can also learn Fashion, Industrial, Graphic, and Interior Designs also.

4. Carnegie Mellon

Here at the University of Carnegie Mellon, which has a design school, the focus is also to integrate technology with design into a single course. An example of this success is former student Rachel Franklin. You may not have heard of her, but her work is certainly not overlooked by electronic game lovers. She became an executive producer at Electronic Arts, where she helped develop the popular game The Sims.

5. Parsons

Founded in 1896, Parsons became the first US school to offer programs in graphic, interior, fashion, and advertising design fields. Among the most important courses are Graphic Design, Illustration, Communication Design, Design and Technology, and also short-term design programs.

6. Pratt Institute

The Pratt Institute began in 1887. Originally, the institution offered courses focused on the area of ​​arts as well as architecture and engineering. She is currently recognized for her courses in Architecture, Interior and Industrial Designs.

7. Stanford University – School for Design

What was just a space in the middle of the great University of Standford, today represents one of the best art schools in the world: the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. Here classes are based on business, creativity, and management. The idea is that you can complement what you already know by going for classes that align with your interest, such as design thinking, creativity, and innovation. That is, there are students of all kinds of training here.

8. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester makes the list of the best art universities, colleges and universities, thanks to its rich list of qualitative art and design courses. The institute offers 30 programs on 6 campuses. Among them are specializations in Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Industrial and Interior Design, those focused on Fine Arts, such as painting, engraving, and sculpture; besides the school of cinema and animation.

Last Line

Far from the types of schools which focuses on the traditional art degrees for those looking at news reporting, acting, APA paper writing services jobs and the likes, the rise of art universities in the United States has been progressive and the country is one of the best places you should consider if you want to have the best training in the aforementioned areas of studies.


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