Autumn Refreshment In The Home- 16 Orange Interior Designs

There is no color that more associates with heat, than the orange. The color of the pumpkin is excellent for decorating interiors because it is pleasant, and thus gives it a contrast to the cold autumn. Experts say that it looks great in every interior and if you want to use it, you should adhere to the following simple rules.

When it comes to the living room – if you want only seasonal, instead of permanently changing the interior, invest in cheaper pieces of furniture or decorations, such as cushions or an effective lamp. But if you want a bigger change, replace the old carpet, curtains or the armchair. The whole kitchen in orange color can act too aggressively, but if you only trim one element, you will get a striking space. It is known that this color awakens the senses and increases appetite, and will perfectly fit the white kitchen parts. Overdose of orange color in the bedroom, can make your sleep disturbed, so that here you should use only details in this striking color, such as pillows, stool, part of the wall, or the simplest – set orange bedding. The bathroom will look chic if you put fine details in a striking orange color, especially if your bathroom is in white or some other light shade. If you follow these simple rules, you will make charming atmosphere in your home with using only simple orange details and decorations!


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