Apartments Designed With The “essense of home” Will Make You Think Of Interior Makeover

On the ground floor, as soon as you cross the entrance of the building, you are greeted by an elegant space that corresponds to the old goal that has been preserved as it is, with its original marble floors, stuccoed walls, and hardly any accessories, except one antique table and a hanging lamp, to enhance the effect of “entering the house”.

After crossing this distributor, on the right-hand side, you access the Front Desk, with an appearance of reception with the idea of ​​showing that the building offers a series of services for guests, attended in a personalized way. The perfect integration of all the elements of this floor is obvious, creating different atmospheres as small living corners of different capacities in a wide and orderly route to the bottom of the floor, next to the rear glass facade.

To furnish this floor, the interior designer has chosen the most classic line nuanced with contemporary touches. The colors chosen are very soft natural tones (basically brown and gray) implemented in furniture, upholstery, lamps, accessories, floors, and walls. The result is a very elegant and cozy common space where you can also enjoy time reading, talking, or simply resting.

At the end of this same floor, the elevator is located to go up to the apartments, and you can also access them by the main staircase of the building, in an Art Deco rationalist style. This is another of the original key pieces that were preserved from the building, being restored with great care to restore all its splendor.

In the middle of the main floor, there is a hole in a wide staircase that goes down to the basement framed by an original exposed brick wall that connects both floors. Through the flown steps the guest.

The rooftop area has mainly been dedicated to outdoor leisure for guests and offers spectacular views of the city of Barcelona. It has a swimming pool next to a solarium with loungers for sunbathing, in one part, and in a larger part, there is a terrace with different seats.









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Author: Renata Kralevska


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