Advantages of White Bricks And Ideas To Get Inspired

The white bricks are with everything and more modern than ever! If before they were seen only as an alternative to the classic brown brick, today they have gained trend status and have become one of the passions of the decorative universe.  With the white bricks, the environments gain a clean and contemporary atmosphere, not to mention that they are super versatile, making it a great option for those who want to change the look of the house quickly and economically. 

And if you, like us here, are also a fan of bricks, then check out this post and find out how to bring this trend to your home.

Advantages of white brick

For any style

The white brick is very democratic. It combines very well with various decorative styles, ranging from classic to modern without fear of being happy. In classic and elegant decorations, the white brick adds comfort and warmth, especially when combined with indirect lighting from spots on the ceiling.

For rustic decorations, the white brick helps to break the dark tone of the woods commonly used on the floor and ceiling. In the modern proposals, the white brick brings that touch of informality and relaxation, especially when demolition bricks are used that have a more rustic and irregular appearance.

The white brick is also perfect in industrial style decorations, contrasting very well with the traditional brown bricks. Another option is to use the white bricks in the decorations of minimalist and Scandinavian aesthetics. They add texture and bring comfort to the environment. 

For any environment

As you may already imagine, the white brick can be used quietly in any environment of the house, including bathrooms and outdoor areas, depending, of course, on the material used (let’s talk about that yet, don’t worry).

With or without work

Speaking of material, it is also worth mentioning that white brick is available in different types of materials and not just conventional brick. 

This means that you do not need to do a job at home to have a white brick wall, just opt ​​for a simpler coating to be applied such as 3D brick or wallpaper. 

Check out below the project ideas that bet on the use of white brick and got along very well:










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