Advantages of having Ground Floor Apartment And How to Increase Privacy

Did an opportunity to buy or lease in the ground floor apartment come up and you don’t know whether to accept or skip? This is a very common question. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions about what it is like to live in a ground-floor apartment.

Luckily, we have useful information and tips to demystify this story and help you make the best decision. Follow:

What are the advantages of living in an apartment on the ground floor?


One of the biggest advantages of living in a ground-floor apartment is accessibility. No wonder that this type of apartment is the most suitable for people with disabilities, limited mobility, and the elderly. Access to the apartment on the ground floor does not depend on stairs or elevators, which makes life much easier for those with mobility problems.

But not only that. Anyone ends up benefiting from the accessibility of the ground floor. Can you imagine when the power goes out or you are carrying heavy bags? Everything gets easier.

Ease of receiving furniture and other large objects

Another advantage for those who live in the ground floor apartment is being able to easily receive the furniture and other large objects, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and stove.

In other words, you no longer have to worry about the dimensions of the package and whether it will fit in the elevator, let alone keep your head warm if the delivery person refuses to go upstairs.

Lower price

This advantage is preferred by those looking to save with the purchase of property or with the payment of rent.

That’s because the apartment on the ground floor is the cheapest unit in the entire building, especially when compared to apartments on higher floors or the penthouse. In some cases, the difference in value can reach 35%.

Free window

Anyone who has children and pets at home knows that the first thing to do when moving into an apartment is to install safety nets. But downstairs, that concern doesn’t exist. From this point of view, the ground floor apartment represents greater security for families.

Possibility of having an outdoor area

Many ground-floor apartments are integrated into some kind of patio or outdoor area. This makes the apartment very similar to a house with a backyard. Residents can enjoy this space in numerous ways, whether cultivating a garden or vegetable garden, raising their pets, or having the opportunity to enjoy a private leisure area during moments of rest.

But beware: not all properties have this feature. Some apartments on the ground floor, for example, come face to face with the garage, the building’s hall, or the wall. Therefore, visiting the property before closing the deal is very important. 

How to increase the privacy of the ground floor apartment

Some disadvantages of living in the ground floor apartment cannot be changed or they are not up to you, as in the case of the garbage that falls from above or the noise that comes from outside. But other things can be resolved or, at the very least, improved so that you can live better in the ground floor apartment. This is the case, for example, with privacy. 

With the adoption of some simple ideas, the apartment becomes more intimate and less susceptible to the eyes of strangers. Check out the tips:

  • Install insulfim films on your apartment windows. These films darken the glass, limiting outsiders’ view by up to 95%. Not to mention that insulfim also helps to retain the entry of UV rays, reducing internal heat.
  • Bet on the use of curtains and blinds. This traditional decorative element can be the most practical and economical solution to increase privacy in the ground floor apartment. For this, prefer the models of curtains and blinds made of thick fabric and darker colors.
  • The use of awnings on the outside of the ground floor apartment also helps to increase privacy and also protects the house from heavy rain and the risk of falling objects.
  • Consider making structural changes to the apartment plan to ensure more privacy in rooms and bathrooms. However, for this, it is always important to consult the condominium administration to find out what can and cannot be done.

As you can see there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of living in a ground-floor apartment. The decision, however, is very individual and must be considered based on the needs of the residents. So don’t base your decision on other people’s opinions. 


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